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Chiropractic care during pregnancy helps support your body as it rapidly changes to grow and nurture your baby. Chiropractic care allows your nervous system to function properly, ensuring the environment for the baby’s growth and development is optimal.

Dr. Jake is certified in the Webster technique, which focuses on aligning the pelvis, and balancing and relieving tension in the ligaments that surround the uterus. This technique is gentle and very effective during pregnancy to prepare your body for birth.

Regular Chiropractic care DURING PREGNANCY can help…

      • Improve Sleep
      • Reduce Back Pain
      • Increase Comfort for Mom & Baby 
      • Reduce Labor Times
      • Improve Energy
      • Provide an Optimal Environment for Baby to Grow & Develop Properly

The Webster Technique

A Webster Technique adjustment looks very different than a “normal” chiropractic adjustment. Due to the relaxin hormone, your joints move much easier and with much less force or pressure. Dr. Jake will lay the pregnant mother on different sized pregnancy pillows where the middle is cut out, so baby can nestle safely and comfortably in the pillow while you are face down on the table (which is amazing because most moms haven’t been on their tummy for months)! If you choose not to lay face down on the table, there are many other options to still get adjusted! Dr. Jake will do a sacral analysis and make slight corrections to the pelvis using gentle adjustments, which includes no twisting or aggressive movements of the body. He will also hold pressure on and balance the sacrotuberous and round ligaments, which can cause pain if they are taut and unbalanced as the baby is growing.

After getting adjusted throughout your pregnancy, there is no greater honor than when you bring your precious little one into the office so we can check and make sure their nervous system is functioning properly so they start their life off functioning perfectly and able to grow, adapt, and thrive!

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