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Chiropractic Care for Kids in Keller

Chiropractic care isn’t just for big kids (adults)! There is an overwhelmingly large amount of physical, chemical, and emotional stress in kids’ lives these days. Chiropractic care helps connect the brain to the body allowing for optimal function which promotes rest and relaxation, growth and development, and healing. There are so many unknown benefits of Chiropractic care that many parents aren’t aware of!

If you are wondering how pediatric care can help your child or teen, you are not alone! From blood flow, to brain function, and bone growth, the nervous system plays a central role in keeping them healthy. The truth is, children’s bodies are under a lot of stress while they are in a state of development and keeping them healthy requires awareness.

But how can you be sure your kid is experiencing pain? As they may not be able to communicate it verbally, symptoms may be expressed as grumpiness, acting out, or incessant crying. Issues with the spine can also be the source of many other childhood issues, such as colic, ear infections, ADHD and more.

Regular Visits to a Pediatric Chiropractor can help your child with…

      • ADHD
      • Anxiety
      • Ear Infections
      • Asthma
      • Sleep Behavior & Emotions
      • Speech Development
      • Colic Nursing Issues
      • Reflux
      • Bed Wetting
      • Headaches
      • Torticollis

Is Keller Chiropractic Care for Children Safe?

An adjustment for an infant looks very different than an adjustment for a toddler, which looks very different from an adjustment for an adult.

During an adjustment of an infant, Dr. Jake is looking for nerve interference in the spine and feeling for areas of the spine that aren’t moving correctly. Since babies’ spines are so soft and easily moveable, it takes about the pressure of checking the ripeness of a tomato to make the adjustment. There is NO popping or cracking of the spine! A lot of the time, the adjustment is so relaxing that the infant will sleep right through it (and usually have a blowout right afterward 😉 You’re welcome mom!)

An adjustment on a toddler is very gentle as well. The spine moves very easily and there are so many different ways we do this, whether it be with the hands, an activator, table drops, toggle piece, and many more. Many times toddlers will laugh through their adjustment, or will keep playing with their toy and not even miss a beat!

We have many different ways to make adjustments to the spine that are gentle and most comfortable for your child and what is best their body. It is never a one size fits all model, as we believe each and every person is unique and responds differently to different styles of adjustments. We always change things up along the course of care to find the best combination that works for your child at that stage in their life!

After getting adjusted throughout your pregnancy, there is no greater honor than when you bring your precious little one into the office so we can check and make sure their nervous system is functioning properly so they start their life off functioning perfectly and able to grow, adapt, and thrive!

Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Keller TX

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