Frequently asked questions

Do you take insurance?

Innate Connection Chiropractic is a cash-based office because we have your best interest as our top priority. This means reaching your health goals will not be determined by an insurance company. We work for YOU!

Not billing insurance allows us to keep our prices affordable for families with a variety of payment options. These options are often times less what you would pay with insurance. We have found by practicing this way, you are truly able to reach your potential and exceed your health goals.

Will I be adjusted on my first visit?

We are committed to providing you with the best care possible and we do not guess when it comes to your health. We split the new practice member appointment into two separate visits, as this gives Dr. Jake time to look over your results from your first visit, so that he can tailor individualized recommendations for you. You will receive your first adjustment after Dr. Jake reviews all of your findings with you.

Is getting adjusted during pregnancy safe?

Absolutely! Chiropractic helps support your body as it rapidly changes to grow and nurture your baby. During your pregnancy, Dr. Jake will use the Webster Technique, which is designed for pregnant mama’s. This technique makes sure your pelvis is aligned, and the ligaments surrounding your uterus are balanced. When this occurs, this will give the baby more room, so you will experience more comfort. Chiropractic often times makes for a much easier and quicker labor also!

Is it safe for my child to get adjusted?

Yes! The adjustment is very specific and gentle. The amount of pressure required to adjust infants and kiddos is equal to what you would use to check the ripeness of a tomato. Many times they will sleep right through the adjustment! Dr. Jake has checked babies right after birth to ensure they start their lives developing properly so they may avoid future difficulties.

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